Sunday, August 5, 2012

Canada and Caroline

Right now, as I am writing, little Miss Cutie (Caroline) is sitting in my lap, watching as I type.
I am babysitting her every day as Melissa and Michael work on their house, which, by the way, is progressing nicely.
They're actually moving in furniture and such!! :)

Christie, Mama, Daddy, and other of my church friends are in Canada right now! They should be in Penticton by now.
I felt sorry for them because they had to get up at 3:30 (a.m.) to go to the airport, but a little green with envy as they get to see Canada and work there.

Today I am 13! Thank you, Sarah, for that delightful comment you wrote; I felt absolutely thrilled when I read it! :)
I am mostly excited that I am 13, for I no longer have to wear the JACKET OF SHAME (the lifejacket) on the boat, unless, of course, I am tubing with friends or skiing or whatever.

There are plenty more things that I am thrilled over: the Olympics, the Saints are playing tomorrow night, favorite TV shows are coming back in the fall or sooner or whatever.

Ha ha, yes, you may think me as silly, but the Ferris wheel (and of course Big Ben) is often seen in Doctor Who, especially the Ferris wheel. :)

So, on the 10th of August, Rachel is taking me somewhere for my birthday.... yet I know not where, only Rachel does, so when that time comes, I shall most definitely post about it.
Also, Melissa told me that she would take me anywhere I wanted (I presume you probably already knew that, but whatever :) so I asked to be taken into Old Covington to looked through antique shoppes. I absolutely LOVE to look through antique shoppes!
I shall totally take pictures then.

Jet'aime, my fantastic readers!


  1. Your welcome!!!! ;) My birthday is Saturday! And I'm turning 12... I've tried to comment on your blog when I first found out about it but I couldn't find the anonymous profile, but I just relized that you changed it :D. Sarah ;) :)

  2. The OLYMPICS HAS BEEN AWESOME!!!!! Happy Birthday!

    Emma of Tin Lane


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