Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Favorite Website

30 Day Challenge: Day 22 I go there a TON. For once I have something right away!
All the awesome music I listen to is from there; I have written and script (getting it edited right now) and I have all the music I want to use for my movie from freeplay. Brilliant, I know!

Also, I love an author's blog.
(that's also the place I won that free autographed book) it's awesome!

And I check New Heart Studio's daily. (I have memorized how many comments are on each post hee hee i'm so bad!) and I mean I check it a lot, just in case they've posted when I wasn't looking.

Um, I think that' s all (folks).

Well, to bed now. I have church in the morning (and I don't believe I want to be a dead head tomorrow)

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