Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Scar I have and It's Story

30 Day Challenge Day 28

(see above; post title) that's what this is about.
Um, I have a ton of scars, but I think I'll choose the one on my knee.
Oops, I have scar on BOTH knees. So never mind
right knee.
In the story, I shall name a day, but I really don't know what day it happened on.
This happened a few years ago, maybe in 2008 or something.
As this is a story, I am making everything up except when I get my cut, so I'll put two stars at the beginning of a sentence to let you know when the real part is.


It was a rainy day on Monday. Thunder cracked, and lightning flashed, lighting up everything in a split second.
Molly was staring out the window, cursing the rain silently for spoiling her day of fun that she had had planned out.
Sam was in the sunroom, playing with his cars. He stopped for a moment to glance outside, looking wistfully at all the puddles the rain was making.
Christie was writing in her diary. She loved rain, so nothing was really wrong, except that she wanted to play outside in the puddles.

About an hour later, the rain stopped, much to the joy of Christie, Molly, and Sam. (Emmy was 'busy' playing with her toys, so she didn't really mind anything)
Hurriedly putting on their swimsuits, Christie, Molly, and Sam smiled at the prospect of being able to play in the puddles.
They rushed outside and went to the ditches. The ditches were usually ALWAYS dry and never had anything in them, and weren't much of ditches, but now, they were like swimming pools, except that the water only came up to their knees.
Smiling at eachother, the trio began to splash eachother and push eachother until they fell down and got drenched.
Then they would laugh and try to drag eachother down. They were having such fun, until...
**Christie pushed Molly, who started to laugh, but quickly lost her beaming face when she struck a hidden branch under the water that gashed her knee.
They ran home, while Molly wished that this hadn't happened and spoiled their fun.
Mama fixed everything up and everything was better.
Except that now they couldn't go back out and play, because Mama didn't want anyone else getting hurt.
So Molly's knee quickly healed but is a scar that can be seen even to this day.
That is her scar that she has, and it's (a) story.

I have another scar that I could do a little story about, but it's not quite as dramatic. Like when I was running and I fell off the curb and it's the longest scar I have ever had and have. And when I was jumping on our new fireplace and I slipped and cut my foot in two places but nobody can really see the scars unless you look very carefully.
And when I fell off a friend's skateboard and scarred my knee again and my elbow.
Oh, and when I tried to slip past a gate but it cut me on the stomach and it's a scar (that can hardly be seen, but it's there).
Trust me, I have maybe more than eight scars.
Or more than more.
"A million million."


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