Thursday, August 16, 2012


Forrrrrrrrr the 30 Day Challenge~Something I Know I Do Differently from Other People



Try to make tree forts then wind up throwing all the wood all over the ground and going back home and forgetting about it?

I KNOW!! Dance really bad!
what?? Whaddya mean, NO??


ten minutes later...
this is really hard, ya know?
"Some things are best left unknown and that's okay!" --Doctor Who
Still not getting it?
I was afraid of that.

Well, I may just have to stick with being really quiet.
I have been around friends that tell me I'm really quiet whereas everyone else is not.
Okay, if they say so. Doesn't mean I agree, but this is SOMETHING that I have come up with using my BRILLIANT and most FANTASTIC mind EVER created!!

Farewell, farewell! You might NEVER hear from me AGAIN!!! Ha ha ha haa!!! (more evil laughter)

(brightly) Cheerio!

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