Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Watcha think?

So, obviously you noticed the new background and stuff. I was wanting to change my background cause I wasn't too wild about about what I had.
So I browsed around, and after a while saw the 'we can do it' header, and then I was like, "well, if I find a nice background that matches, I'll use this one and go super patriotic, for fun."
Well, red is my all time favorite color, and so it happens that my new background was a really nice red.
Well, yeah, I found the background under the title 'patriotic' where I thought it would be, so I got it annnndd I love it, so I changed all the type to courier, because they used typewriters back then all the time, so I thought I would pretend that I was using a typewriter too, or whatever.
I almost chose a black and white background with a bit of teal, but I was hesitating on that. (and then I saw the we can do it thing)
So ta da! welcome to my favorite thing, WWII stuff. I have always loved it, and I don't know why I didn't think of using this before. :)


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  1. I like the colors and the way it looks. But I don't think you know about the history of the poster and saying "We can do it". It is more feministic then patriotic. The poster was produced by J. Howard Miller, and he meant it for boosting the women's moral.
    But it turned into a big feminist slogan and poster. But I don't think you have anybody who looks at your blog who doesn't know you or who would take this the wrong way. Just thought you might want a heads up on the meaning:)

    Emma of Tin Lane


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