Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eeek, Dorothy!

Hurricane Isaac is due today. We're staying home instead of evacuating, 'cause it's not going to flood, it's just gonna be like a huge thunderstorm. Besides, my mom wanted to be here to clean up before we leave for Florida, and if there's any major damage, we're right there to fix it.
We MIGHT not get electricity for a few days, but we're hoping that we will still have it, because Mama is not wanting to stay in the heat.
Even if electricity is out after the storm (which the storm will only last some eight hours, my dad is guessing) we're just going to clean up logs and stuff then we're going to Florida, so it won't matter TOO much that electricity is out while we're gone.
We froze LOTS of bags of ice to help keep our freezers cool and if we need some water, we just haul out a bag and let it thaw out and ta da! instant unfrozen water for you.
If this were a storm like the one in Kansas, I would be willing to ride it. Imagine waking up in Oz! Wouldn't it be fun? ;)
Well, I'm not Dorothy so I guess that isn't going to happen.
After the hurricane passes (the one with a proper NAME) I'll write another blog post. If I don't write another blog post.... *gulp* I'm probably dead.
Just kidding, I'm sure I'll survive.

Cheerio, and write back later. :)

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