Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Childhood Memory

SERIOUSLY. I have a lot of childhood memories.
(speaker) Aaaannnd ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Day TWENNNNTTY SIX of the THIRRRRRTY Day CHALLENNNGE!

well what can I say? ummm.......welll...I have too many childhood memoirs, you could say, but out of the many, I think I'll pick when our dear friends the Friches lived in our neighborhood before they moved away! (of course we still see them a lot, though not as often as we like, because they have a farm to take care of! :)

I remember they used to come every single day to come swimming and just to play, sometimes after art classes or ballet classes. We'd go to their house a lot too, and sometimes we'd sleep there. We slept there once when our wood floors (which is almost the entire house) were getting replaced after they got ruined in Katrina.
We'd go play in the woods and get poison ivy and then get BANNED from the woods (which we love so much!) and couldn't go back in the woods till our poison ivy went away; and then we'd go and get more poison ivy and our moms would not be too happy. :)
One time we went to their house three days in a row, from late morning till we couldn't see outside, for a party they had for a baseball team. I remember that lady that was wearing her regular clothes and she fell down the slide and got wet so she didn't bother to put on her swim suit. hey, it works. I do it all the time. Well, I don't fall down the slide very often.
We would have airsoft wars with everyone, including Joe and Dan.
Ha, I remember shooting and shooting over and over but I couldn't hit Joe! Even when he was not hiding, but every time JOE shot, on the other hand, I would ALWAYS get hit.
Me and Emma and a few others would have to go inside before the war was over because some kids would cheat and shoot closeups, which you weren't allowed to do because it hurt so much and left bruises.
Lilly Emma and I would go into the woods and try to build houses that we were so proud of and then find it knocked down by an animal or rain or wind the next day.
I remember when I had my tenth or ninth or something like that birthday and Cole did a treasure hunt so all the kids went looking for the treasure, and when I found it, I didn't want to get my hands dirty so all the other kids dug it up with their hands. Heh heh.
Inside was a lot of candy (we had never had so much candy) so we all ate a lot, but Emma was the only one that got sick (we've never gotten any more candy in the size of a HUGE bag anymore) and Emma ate less than we all did.
And we all walked their dogs a lot, and I liked the dog everyone hated. Well, disliked, anyhow. And when they got a new puppy that was a baby! Aww, I had never seen a baby puppy and it was so cute.
More memories of them come to mind, but I think it would be too long to write them down.

I remember when the LeBlancs and Morales' came to our old church and some other friends, and how we made forts all the time. And I remember when Christie and Hayden and Emma (cept it didn't work for you, did it Emma?) got hickeys...wait. That was just a few months ago. Whaddya know?

Cheerio, and I hoped you like my long post. (I couldn't really write down the LeBlancs cause I'm saving that for later. Ya know, when I turn twenty and...actually, no, not that long)

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  1. I tried my best to get that hickey, I really did. Also Christie showed me the detective script, and I am really impressed. I'd love to help y'all make it.

    Emma of Tin Lane


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