Monday, August 13, 2012

A Hobby, you say?

Mostly because I want to write something mostly because I can.

So, a hobby of mine!
what-EVER. Me? have ONE hobby?? no! :)
First off, I LOVE to run! Joe and I are going to run a 5K together soon, like September or October. And then I overheard him say that he might try to do a marathon or a triathlon (remember, I was just overhearing so I don't know QUITE what he said) with me maybe in November.

2. Well, I love to make cake that have frosting on them. I just LOVE to frost and decorate cakes! :)

3. I love to help to out together events. The English Tea Room in Covington has asked me Rachel and Christie to help put together a Doctor Who party since we love it so much!! (English Tea Room is THE BOMB)

4. Writing! I write tons of stories (though only two or three are surviving long enough to actually have an ending) and, of course, I write lots on my blog, just for the sake of writing SOMETHING!

5. Taking pictures, but you already knew that.

6. Making movies!! oh YEAH!!

7. Reading books. What else is there to say?

8. I love to draw. I'm not very good but it's fun to draw and color (or leave it in black and white) and be proud of your own makings.

9. Last and totally not least, singing. Not many people (At all) have heard me sing except for church (no, Emma, that doesn't count as singing when I sang for the talent show. I was laughing) but I do like to sing.

ta DA!!! Ain't you proud of me?
Wait what? ain't ain't a word? oh well.


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