Friday, August 24, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Almost Done!

Aannd I come reporting live that this is Day 27, folks, day TWENTY SEVEN, and Molly is doing simply fantastic! heh heh :)
A Physical Feature I Love
when person number one scares person number two so badly that #1 gets a big punch in the face before they realize who it is.
So, punches, really.
I've done it before. Sam has jumped out at me and scared me and before I could think twice I gave him a good punch in the face, then I was like "oh sam i'm sooo sorry it was without thinking. i'm so sorry!"
and I then get the prompt reply (this happened last month) "no you're not."
"I'm not what?"
"you're not sorry! You're not!"
of course he laughed it off. really, he did. trust me. --trussssssst in meeee!--(the snake from The Jungle Book)

AAnnd Cheerio!

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  1. .... that's not the kinda physical feature they meant. Seriously hate to break it to you. they mean like, "Oh, I like noses," or "I like EARS," or for some people, "I really dig belly buttons." << not me. FYI.


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