Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthdays and Such Things

This coming Sunday is my 13th birthday, and I am SO excited. :)
Sadly enough, though, Mama, Daddy, and Christie will be in Canada by then. :(
But Melissa promised to take me wherever I wanted to go for my birthday, so that's good.
Oh. You meant just around town? Drat. It was worth a try.

Because my mom doesn't know my taste in clothes, she took me shopping a couple of weeks ago, so the clothes were my birthday present.
BUT, my mom told me, because it was for my BIRTHDAY, I couldn't wear them until then. Well, all except one, which was because I called it a beach-looking dress, so she let me wear it to Florida.

Joe, right now, is taking some exam or test or something to try to get into the SEALs or Navy or whatever.
I'm so... affirmative or information-full or whatcha-ma-call-it, am I not? :) heh heh heh.

Well, that mini-photo-shoot I took of Caroline is on the laptop in Florida, and since it's on there and I deleted them off of my memory card to save room, you'll have to wait a few weeks until more pictures are up.
I'm lazy, I admit, but I don't think I want to take pictures right now, unless I'm back in Florida.
Or maybe I'll take pictures on WEDNESDAY (Emma!) so you might see some then.

Hmph, and just so I'll get it over with very quickly, I'll do a 30 Day Challenge: Day 17: An Art Piece....just for you.

Being a person that is not one for a lot of art, I picked my favorite painting: the Mona Lisa. I guess because I've seen it a lot or something is why I like it so much.

Oh, and (this is going to sound crazy, of course) but the painting above? I first saw it in Doctor Who. I didn't know it was an actual painting of course, until I looked it up, but when I saw it was really...real, I loved it. Of course, I loved it in the movie too, but just knowing that it's actually real may have helped a little bit.
It's by Van Gogh.
Some people say Van Gof, some say Van Go, but I say it Van Gog.
But I was wondering how you were actually SUPPOSED to say it?



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  1. Happy birthday Molly!!!!!!! ;) Hope you have/had a great birthday!!!!!! Birthday wishes from me! (this is crazysarah12345 from draw something) ;)


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