Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Castle Bard

Hi everyone! I really meant to post some pictures, but the stupid computer I am writing on will not import the stupid pictures from my stupid memory card I save stupid pictures on. Sorry, you may have to wait. On the other hand, at least I'm posting, right? Ha ha. That's funny. I'm actually posting!!! Never mind.

I was thinking about making movie. I'd been thinking about it for a loooooonnnngggg time, as you can tell. Then, New Hearts Studio made one, and that made up my mind. I decided to make one based on a book, with--don't worry--the author's consent.
May I surprise you a little? My sister Rachel's book, 'The Castle Bard'. I love that book VERY much. She's re-writing it, but I'm still loving it!
I'm starting a script, and was thinking about the cast... I need two midgets (or dwarfs, whichever you prefer), an elf, a bard, a princess, two guests, a king, and a queen. Let me see.. and, oh yes! three badguys, and three villagers with... well, a need for a sense of direction. and a swords master.
That's all I have to say.
Any volunteers? heh heh, Sam has already volunteered to be the dwarf that blows things up. Very willingly, I might add.
Well, I should tear myself away from writing about movies, or else you could be stuck with an extremely long post that would take about four days to write. Don't worry, just kidding ;D

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Back! Literally! :)

I am SOOOOOOO sorry I haven't posted for so long! I shall tell you why, in case you were wondering, I was gone so long.
We went to California! We have been gone since January the third, and have only just arrived Thursday! On and off, as went went from Louisiana, to Texas, then New Mexico, Arizona, and finally California! we really had no internet, and/or I was busy hiking and exploring, and taking a gazillion, bazillion photos, all of which I shall post tomorrow!
From San Diego, we went to Palm Springs, where we definitely had no internet. Now we're home, and ever so glad!!

Ever since we got back, I disappeared (with Sam too, when I could drag him away from his Legos) into our 'cubby hole', making valentines for the family, and discovering scrapbooking supplies!! I was so excited, for I intend to scrapbook for a family, after Christie hands me the photos, for a surprise, and make a 'nieces and nephew' book, which will hopefully grow! ;P

Guess what! I am also making and selling survival bracelets! I have black, green, red, and I can mix them up even! Booyah!
Well, I have other things I need to desperately update!
I also posted because I wanted you to know I wasn't dead and I'm not ever going to post again. Because obviously, I'm not dead! Or else I wouldn't be posting right now. Or am I? I don't know. Oh, hi! You're still reading? heh heh, got to go! (I seriously hope you weren't reading. I mean, really hope.)

Oh, yes, and by the way!
Happy valentines to whoever is reading this, and whoever is not! I hope y'all are enjoying this weekend!