Thursday, August 30, 2012


Don't ask me what that means.

Well, after having no electricity or water for a day, my mom didn't want to spend another whole day with no water. So we packed up and are now in Florida. Now our electric and water is back (news from Joe).

We knew that we would be getting electric soon (We learned on the way to Florida) because there were at least 200 trucks from electric places coming just to Louisiana to help repairs and things.

Luckily, we didn't flood at all (except ankle deep in the woods) although other houses flooded in their yards. The water never got in their houses, but it came up right to their doorstep. The water had gone down so much so that you would never guess that, but only our van was able to get out of the neighborhood; the Camry would have been flooded for sure if we had tried to take it out.

We swam during the hurricane. My family is that cool. Well, 'we' is Joe, Sam, Christie, Rachel, and Emily. I didn't want to change in to my swim suit cause I was already wet from walking in the woods and on the street to check out the flooding, and I had had my share of not being dry for a while. I jumped on the trampoline for a while. We did this during the middle of the hurricane.

While Christie and I were walking down the street (with it raining and the wind blowing like crazy) we saw a guy in a tractor who was smiling so happily. I guess he felt so proud to be driving a tractor during the hurricane. It was kinda funny. :)

So, now, here we are. I know where YOU are, too. Spooky isn't it?
I am in Florida, and you are in front of the computer reading this.

Cheerio, Darlings, and have a nice day. I shall update later!

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