Monday, July 9, 2012

Acting equals MOVIE!! :)

So, we're getting quite a bit of filming done this past week! First 'The Locket' with the LeBlancs ( next an episode for our first series, which, by the way, only a quarter of it is done, because we have to go to Florida to do the rest with some more of our dear friends that live in Georgia!
Next, a blooper reel turned into a movie. Let me explain.
So, all bloopers are funny, right? hence BLOOPERS. So we're going to do several skits and movies and just take all the bloopers from there and make THAT into a movie. Full of fun. And hilarious moments. Satisfaction: GUARANTEED.

So, y'all have noticed the new blog look, right? I love it, in fact. But, I will tell you something. I have NO idea what I did. Actually, I DO know what I did. All I did was change something in settings...I was trying to add a side button, but I didn't know how, so I just randomly did it. Then I went to check my blog to see if I did it, but lo and behold instead of my usual pink blog this new awesome one (although I do miss my old one) comes on.
So I erased whatever I did in settings. But the blog didn't change. Oh well. That's okay, I'm sure change never hurt anyone, and besides, I was so glad when someone told me it was cute. :)

your movie-making blogger,

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  1. I like the added effects to the blog:) Totally stoked that your so into film making! I want you to be my assistant DP (director of photography) in the next film festival movie. Since you seem to have a good eye for angles.

    Emma of Tin Lane


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