Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oi, everyone!
So today our friends left (so sad!) to go back to Georgia. We were so sad when we said goodbye but at least one thing is happening to brighten things up a bit. Melissa and Caroline and Melissa's best friend Erin are coming over today! I've been missing Caroline like CRAZY 'cause I'm used to Caroline coming over every day so Melissa can work on her house. I am also very excited to see Melissa because I can't wait to kayak with her!
And since Erin has never seen the Beach House everyone is so excited to show her around.

Well, if you want pictures you should go to my beach blog (because I'm so lousy at putting pictures on THIS blog, so I created the other so that way I would get motivated to put pictures up.)

So this past week, our friends and I have been watching none other than....

Doctor Who!!!!
Actually we're on a different doctor but Matt Smith is not my favorite. He's funny, yeah, but nothing can describe how much I love David Tennant as the Doctor. Christopher Eccelston was leGIT as the ninth Doctor (and NOT ugly at ALL) :) Tennant is still my top favorite.
And Tennant wears CONVERSES. :)

Also, when my friends were here, they introduced me to a song that at first I thought was lousy, but now it's my favorite of all (and I am listening to it right now, in fact!). It's called Back in Time by Pitbull. Love it!!

So, post later, what? Fantastic.

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