Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I present unto thee... The Tales of Goldstone Woods!
Awesome books, y'all, seriously. Totally should read them. They were written by a Christian author named Anne Elisabeth Stengl (gorgeous person, by the way). She kept me GLUED to her books. They're about faeries and princesses and dragons but cleverly written. Rachel loved them also.
My favorite character, I must say, is Rose from Veiled Rose (book two). I like her sense of humor, and her mysteriousness (like why is she veiled all of the time) and it's incredible how someone so small can be so strong! And she is an awesome tree climber and has great imagination. Just my type of book character.

Y'all should TOTALLY read this books, and I know that they will get y'all spellbound. Especially if you love fantasy but I'm sure you'll love them whether or not you like (or love!) fantasy.
Must read!!
The Sassy Sister

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