Friday, July 13, 2012

Heartless Poem

So ya know that blog I'm following? The one doing that Moonblood namedrawing? Well, the author is also doing a contest. You can submit various things, and I decided to do a story. I wound up hating my story a LOT.
So I decided to do a poem. I need to send it in before the 31st of this month. So could all of you awesome people help me with it? I thought there would be a verse or two that wouldn't sound right, so I decided to get all the help I could get. (It was VERY helpful last time when I posted a story.)

Princess Una said
That she would wed
The Prince of Beauclair.

But then she learned
That he had been turned
Out of his own kingdom.

The dreaded prince
She had hated since
The day that she had seen him.

That dreaded prince
That Felix fenced
Was the Prince Athaelbald.

So Princess Una said
“I refuse to wed
To that odd Prince Athaelbald.”

Her feelings returned
After she got burned
On her ring finger.

The Prince he tried
To help her fried
Fried poor hands.

But Una did not relent
To this poor kind gent
And instead walked away.

She had romance
With a man she fanc’ed
The jester in disguise.

The jester, she soon discovered
Her own that she lovered,
Was the Prince Lionheart.

She gave him her ring
(And inside, it made him sing!)
And he took off with it.

But he soon betrayed
Una, that fair maid
And gave her ring away.

Una, she finally became
No longer so tame
When she became a dragon.

But lo and behold,
That prince so bold
Rescued Princess Una.

That bold prince
Una loved since
The Prince Athaelbald.

And so it ends
All become friends
And lived Happily Ever After.

What do y'all think? Honest opinions automatically appreciated!! :)



  1. Alright, Honestly I don't think its rhymes very well. Of course not all poems are supposed to, so it all depends on what kind of poem your writing.

    Emma of Tin Lane


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