Tuesday, July 24, 2012

At The Beach

At the beach with Erin and Melissa and Caroline!! Picture (above) of a light on the end of a pen. It was actually taken in broad daylight, but since i pointed it in such a certain wait, it made it seem really dark. :) I thought it was cool, personally.

Like I said in previous posts, most of my pictures will go to my Beach blog. BUT, finally, I am posting some pictures on THIS blog, so you. just got lucky.
I did a mini photo-shoot with Caroline, but there are SO many to edit, so I'll be posting them in the next couple of days (instead of posting them right now. :)
Is Caroline not too adorable???!? Like I said, after a couple of days, I will be posting my mini-session of Caroline. CUTIE!!! :)
As you may have noticed, I LOVE butterflies (my blog and this picture and the button on the side that says Life is Beautiful).
I shall end for now, and will be posting later!!

OH, and HUGE news everyone!!! CANNOT believe I forgot to tell you this. You know that Moonblood post I did a while back? That was to win an autographed book of my very favorite author (next to Eoin Colfer. RIGHT next to Eoin Colfer, which is my favorite). And guess what. I WON. On the randomizer, and I won!!! I am TOO excited, and I cannot wait for that particular piece of mail to come. :) :) :)
Jet'aime from a very excited

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