Saturday, July 21, 2012

30 Day Challenge

Yeah, it's been for-EVER since I last posted on my 30 Day Challenge.
So. Day 15. A Person I Admire.

Well, there are several people I admire greatly. Billie Piper, for instance. I admire her a lot. She was in Doctor Who, she is an awesome actress, I like her hair...
Two. David Tennant, the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Admiring him because he was in Doctor Who, he WAS Doctor Who, he is Scottish (LOVE Scottish and British accents!! And Aussies are cool, too), he is the BEST. ACTOR. EVER., love his hair (yeah yeah, whatever :), and he wears CONVERSES, peoples, CONVERSES. My favorites are the black ones and red ones. ALWAYS wanted those.

Three. The LeBlancs. LOVE their movies. I wish I had their program, but then their movies are more special because they have unique editing things that I don't have, and when someone has things different, well, everything is special! :)
I also admire their plots for movies. I can NEVER think of such good plots as they do. Plus their equipment is just too awesome.
Just so y'all know, I LOVE making movies with y'all. :)

Four. Clara and Rachel R.!! LOVE y'all's stories! Love 'em love 'em LOVE 'em!! I'm always WAY too excited when I read y'all's stories. I feel like I'm reading a real book, a well-written book that I totally think y'all should publish one day. Rachel, I've read the Castle the umpteenth time and I still feel like I'm reading something new, it's so funny! And Clara, where are the stories you promised me?? :) Can't wait to read them!

Five. Christie. Your pictures. Your Converses. YOU. Admiring you in every way! :)

Six. ME. I'm so awesome. Just kidding! hee hee hee. :p :O
Six is my brother Joe. I admire him in every way possible! I wish he was home more often, BUT, thankfully, he'll be back home just in time for my birthday. :) And Tim, too. I am just way too happy that they would be here for my birthday. :)

And although there are probably a few more people I admire, I think I should end now, or else my post would be too long.
Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Shakespeare, Russell T. Davies, Christopher Eccleston...more people I admire but won't write about just now. :)



  1. So nice of you to put that:) I admire your eye for angles, more than mine!

    Emma of Tin Lane

  2. I absolutely love the way you redid your blog! :D so pretty!


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