Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Poem

Yup, I made up a poem for this sunny then suddenly rainy then not-raining-but-not-sunny day.
Haven't really a name for it, but that's okay.

I watch as the rain falls
Hard on the ground
It pauses a minute; stalls;
It returned and I frowned.

Today had been sunny
Up until now
But now it's all runny!
The frown increases on my brow.

I had had plans for today
To climb up a tree
But I shan't get my way
As you see.

Thunder roars overhead
Over my house, over me.
Over the car, over the shed.
Now it's time for a pot of tea.

Rainy days are ALWAYS fantastic for tea, don't you agree? Hmm? I know several people that would think so...Christie, Rachel P.
See, I'm in a poem type of mood...
Ya know the feeling? Ah, yes, Rachel R., I know you get that feeling! :)

Lol, right now i'm holding the cutest baby in the world as I type. Caroline! Who else? ;)

Everything in the poem above was true. I had wanted to climb a tree and write a happier poem, but when it started to rain, I decided to sit on the porch and see what came to mind. Glum poem, that's what I think it is. But in the end, all things turned out happy. TEA!!

What makes YOU happy on a rainy day?
For me, it's tea, a candle spreading a soft light about, and watching Doctor Who.
:) Or reading a book with a, re-phrase that...Reading a book while a candle casts a fantastic shadows.


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