Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthdays and Such Things

This coming Sunday is my 13th birthday, and I am SO excited. :)
Sadly enough, though, Mama, Daddy, and Christie will be in Canada by then. :(
But Melissa promised to take me wherever I wanted to go for my birthday, so that's good.
Oh. You meant just around town? Drat. It was worth a try.

Because my mom doesn't know my taste in clothes, she took me shopping a couple of weeks ago, so the clothes were my birthday present.
BUT, my mom told me, because it was for my BIRTHDAY, I couldn't wear them until then. Well, all except one, which was because I called it a beach-looking dress, so she let me wear it to Florida.

Joe, right now, is taking some exam or test or something to try to get into the SEALs or Navy or whatever.
I'm so... affirmative or information-full or whatcha-ma-call-it, am I not? :) heh heh heh.

Well, that mini-photo-shoot I took of Caroline is on the laptop in Florida, and since it's on there and I deleted them off of my memory card to save room, you'll have to wait a few weeks until more pictures are up.
I'm lazy, I admit, but I don't think I want to take pictures right now, unless I'm back in Florida.
Or maybe I'll take pictures on WEDNESDAY (Emma!) so you might see some then.

Hmph, and just so I'll get it over with very quickly, I'll do a 30 Day Challenge: Day 17: An Art Piece....just for you.

Being a person that is not one for a lot of art, I picked my favorite painting: the Mona Lisa. I guess because I've seen it a lot or something is why I like it so much.

Oh, and (this is going to sound crazy, of course) but the painting above? I first saw it in Doctor Who. I didn't know it was an actual painting of course, until I looked it up, but when I saw it was really...real, I loved it. Of course, I loved it in the movie too, but just knowing that it's actually real may have helped a little bit.
It's by Van Gogh.
Some people say Van Gof, some say Van Go, but I say it Van Gog.
But I was wondering how you were actually SUPPOSED to say it?



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Song That Makes Me Cry

So, more of the 30 Day Challenge! And that is!! (drumroll. cymbal clash) A Song That Makes Me Cry.
I don't cry over movies or songs. It has to be REALLY touching for me to cry. I've only cried once (maybe twice for the same idea) in my entire life over a movie.
I listen to upbeat songs, like Back in Time, Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can), and such.
So, this is your lucky day!
There is ONE song in the entire earth so far that makes me cry.
'Learn To Be Lonely' by Nora Jones.
It makes me cry or at least tear up when I either watch the Doctor Who music video of Learn To Be Lonely or if I really think about the music video.
So sad! :(

:) That also is my Confession Time.
Because you know, I've been thinking about how I want to do something once a week every week.
Confession Time, like I LOVE oreos, and if I didn't feel guilty, I would eat the whole package.
What, did I just say that??


Caroline on the Beach

Ha ha ha, you didn't believe me, did you? For once, I kept my promise!! I'm putting up some pictures!
It's the mini-session of Caroline. I'm not putting all of them up just yet.
Digging in the sand. :)
EVIL ROCK!! What hideth you?

And there we go! That's what I've edited so far. I'll be editing more later on, but there are just SO many, so of course I'm taking breaks! :)
More tomorrow.
(P.S. For more pictures, (not of Caroline) go to my beach blog (lifeatthebeachcottage.blogspot.com). Just so you know. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

At The Beach

At the beach with Erin and Melissa and Caroline!! Picture (above) of a light on the end of a pen. It was actually taken in broad daylight, but since i pointed it in such a certain wait, it made it seem really dark. :) I thought it was cool, personally.

Like I said in previous posts, most of my pictures will go to my Beach blog. BUT, finally, I am posting some pictures on THIS blog, so you. just got lucky.
I did a mini photo-shoot with Caroline, but there are SO many to edit, so I'll be posting them in the next couple of days (instead of posting them right now. :)
Is Caroline not too adorable???!? Like I said, after a couple of days, I will be posting my mini-session of Caroline. CUTIE!!! :)
As you may have noticed, I LOVE butterflies (my blog and this picture and the button on the side that says Life is Beautiful).
I shall end for now, and will be posting later!!

OH, and HUGE news everyone!!! CANNOT believe I forgot to tell you this. You know that Moonblood post I did a while back? That was to win an autographed book of my very favorite author (next to Eoin Colfer. RIGHT next to Eoin Colfer, which is my favorite). And guess what. I WON. On the randomizer, and I won!!! I am TOO excited, and I cannot wait for that particular piece of mail to come. :) :) :)
Jet'aime from a very excited


Oi, everyone!
So today our friends left (so sad!) to go back to Georgia. We were so sad when we said goodbye but at least one thing is happening to brighten things up a bit. Melissa and Caroline and Melissa's best friend Erin are coming over today! I've been missing Caroline like CRAZY 'cause I'm used to Caroline coming over every day so Melissa can work on her house. I am also very excited to see Melissa because I can't wait to kayak with her!
And since Erin has never seen the Beach House everyone is so excited to show her around.

Well, if you want pictures you should go to my beach blog (because I'm so lousy at putting pictures on THIS blog, so I created the other so that way I would get motivated to put pictures up.)

So this past week, our friends and I have been watching none other than....

Doctor Who!!!!
Actually we're on a different doctor but Matt Smith is not my favorite. He's funny, yeah, but nothing can describe how much I love David Tennant as the Doctor. Christopher Eccelston was leGIT as the ninth Doctor (and NOT ugly at ALL) :) Tennant is still my top favorite.
And Tennant wears CONVERSES. :)

Also, when my friends were here, they introduced me to a song that at first I thought was lousy, but now it's my favorite of all (and I am listening to it right now, in fact!). It's called Back in Time by Pitbull. Love it!!

So, post later, what? Fantastic.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

30 Day Challenge

Yeah, it's been for-EVER since I last posted on my 30 Day Challenge.
So. Day 15. A Person I Admire.

Well, there are several people I admire greatly. Billie Piper, for instance. I admire her a lot. She was in Doctor Who, she is an awesome actress, I like her hair...
Two. David Tennant, the tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Admiring him because he was in Doctor Who, he WAS Doctor Who, he is Scottish (LOVE Scottish and British accents!! And Aussies are cool, too), he is the BEST. ACTOR. EVER., love his hair (yeah yeah, whatever :), and he wears CONVERSES, peoples, CONVERSES. My favorites are the black ones and red ones. ALWAYS wanted those.

Three. The LeBlancs. LOVE their movies. I wish I had their program, but then their movies are more special because they have unique editing things that I don't have, and when someone has things different, well, everything is special! :)
I also admire their plots for movies. I can NEVER think of such good plots as they do. Plus their equipment is just too awesome.
Just so y'all know, I LOVE making movies with y'all. :)

Four. Clara and Rachel R.!! LOVE y'all's stories! Love 'em love 'em LOVE 'em!! I'm always WAY too excited when I read y'all's stories. I feel like I'm reading a real book, a well-written book that I totally think y'all should publish one day. Rachel, I've read the Castle Bard...um...for the umpteenth time and I still feel like I'm reading something new, it's so funny! And Clara, where are the stories you promised me?? :) Can't wait to read them!

Five. Christie. Your pictures. Your Converses. YOU. Admiring you in every way! :)

Six. ME. I'm so awesome. Just kidding! hee hee hee. :p :O
Six is my brother Joe. I admire him in every way possible! I wish he was home more often, BUT, thankfully, he'll be back home just in time for my birthday. :) And Tim, too. I am just way too happy that they would be here for my birthday. :)

And although there are probably a few more people I admire, I think I should end now, or else my post would be too long.
Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Shakespeare, Russell T. Davies, Christopher Eccleston...more people I admire but won't write about just now. :)


Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yeah....so I know it's been like forever since I last posted a picture on my blog. So this post shall be...well, duh, a post about pictures! Hee hee :)

(sorry that this one is so grainy! It was taken on my iPod. :)

Also, what did you think of my poem? :) 'cause I would love all the help I can get!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Heartless Poem

So ya know that blog I'm following? The one doing that Moonblood namedrawing? Well, the author is also doing a contest. You can submit various things, and I decided to do a story. I wound up hating my story a LOT.
So I decided to do a poem. I need to send it in before the 31st of this month. So could all of you awesome people help me with it? I thought there would be a verse or two that wouldn't sound right, so I decided to get all the help I could get. (It was VERY helpful last time when I posted a story.)

Princess Una said
That she would wed
The Prince of Beauclair.

But then she learned
That he had been turned
Out of his own kingdom.

The dreaded prince
She had hated since
The day that she had seen him.

That dreaded prince
That Felix fenced
Was the Prince Athaelbald.

So Princess Una said
“I refuse to wed
To that odd Prince Athaelbald.”

Her feelings returned
After she got burned
On her ring finger.

The Prince he tried
To help her fried
Fried poor hands.

But Una did not relent
To this poor kind gent
And instead walked away.

She had romance
With a man she fanc’ed
The jester in disguise.

The jester, she soon discovered
Her own that she lovered,
Was the Prince Lionheart.

She gave him her ring
(And inside, it made him sing!)
And he took off with it.

But he soon betrayed
Una, that fair maid
And gave her ring away.

Una, she finally became
No longer so tame
When she became a dragon.

But lo and behold,
That prince so bold
Rescued Princess Una.

That bold prince
Una loved since
The Prince Athaelbald.

And so it ends
All become friends
And lived Happily Ever After.

What do y'all think? Honest opinions automatically appreciated!! :)


Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Poem

Yup, I made up a poem for this sunny then suddenly rainy then not-raining-but-not-sunny day.
Haven't really a name for it, but that's okay.

I watch as the rain falls
Hard on the ground
It pauses a minute; stalls;
It returned and I frowned.

Today had been sunny
Up until now
But now it's all runny!
The frown increases on my brow.

I had had plans for today
To climb up a tree
But I shan't get my way
As you see.

Thunder roars overhead
Over my house, over me.
Over the car, over the shed.
Now it's time for a pot of tea.

Rainy days are ALWAYS fantastic for tea, don't you agree? Hmm? I know several people that would think so...Christie, Rachel P.
See, I'm in a poem type of mood...
Ya know the feeling? Ah, yes, Rachel R., I know you get that feeling! :)

Lol, right now i'm holding the cutest baby in the world as I type. Caroline! Who else? ;)

Everything in the poem above was true. I had wanted to climb a tree and write a happier poem, but when it started to rain, I decided to sit on the porch and see what came to mind. Glum poem, that's what I think it is. But in the end, all things turned out happy. TEA!!

What makes YOU happy on a rainy day?
For me, it's tea, a candle spreading a soft light about, and watching Doctor Who.
:) Or reading a book with a candle...er, re-phrase that...Reading a book while a candle casts a fantastic shadows.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I present unto thee... The Tales of Goldstone Woods!
Awesome books, y'all, seriously. Totally should read them. They were written by a Christian author named Anne Elisabeth Stengl (gorgeous person, by the way). She kept me GLUED to her books. They're about faeries and princesses and dragons but cleverly written. Rachel loved them also.
My favorite character, I must say, is Rose from Veiled Rose (book two). I like her sense of humor, and her mysteriousness (like why is she veiled all of the time) and it's incredible how someone so small can be so strong! And she is an awesome tree climber and has great imagination. Just my type of book character.

Y'all should TOTALLY read this books, and I know that they will get y'all spellbound. Especially if you love fantasy but I'm sure you'll love them whether or not you like (or love!) fantasy.
Must read!!
The Sassy Sister

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Locket

Yay! I am sooo excited! Our latest movie, "The Locket" is coming out! We made it in Florida with the LeBlancs and I think it is AWESOME! But I can't WAIT to see it edited with sound effects and all that.
Go to the LeBlancs blog if you want to see the trailer, and the movie itself should be out really soon.


Ooh seriously excited it is so awesome we sweated REALLY hard during the making it was SO hot outside.

The Sassy Sister
ME! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Acting equals MOVIE!! :)

So, we're getting quite a bit of filming done this past week! First 'The Locket' with the LeBlancs (newheartmovie.blogspot.com) next an episode for our first series, which, by the way, only a quarter of it is done, because we have to go to Florida to do the rest with some more of our dear friends that live in Georgia!
Next, a blooper reel turned into a movie. Let me explain.
So, all bloopers are funny, right? hence BLOOPERS. So we're going to do several skits and movies and just take all the bloopers from there and make THAT into a movie. Full of fun. And hilarious moments. Satisfaction: GUARANTEED.

So, y'all have noticed the new blog look, right? I love it, in fact. But, I will tell you something. I have NO idea what I did. Actually, I DO know what I did. All I did was change something in settings...I was trying to add a side button, but I didn't know how, so I just randomly did it. Then I went to check my blog to see if I did it, but lo and behold instead of my usual pink blog this new awesome one (although I do miss my old one) comes on.
So I erased whatever I did in settings. But the blog didn't change. Oh well. That's okay, I'm sure change never hurt anyone, and besides, I was so glad when someone told me it was cute. :)

your movie-making blogger,

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!!

Yeah, I know this is a day late, but I don't really care, because I don't know about you, but I had loads of fun last night watching and doing fireworks with our next door neighbors. :)
Hope you had a great 4th of July!!