Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wassup, peoples?

Hi. I decided that to read the 30 Day Challenge every day would be a little boring. For sure, some people want a little change.
Besides, without interrupting the challenge every now and then, how would you know what mischief we've been up to? ;)
 Oh, by the way, the picture (above) is from our trip to California. Yup, if I had a choice to where I could live, it would be- without any hesitation- anywhere with lots of woods, such as Mississippi or Louisiana. As much as I love California and Arizona or whatever...I DON'T like seeing mountains replacing my woods all the time. I really get sick of it. And it's so stinking hot!!

So. I had like a little quiz, such as a 'how well do you know me' quiz. You answer ten questions in the comment form and in a week or so, I will post to see who knows me best! The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing me best of all. 

What type of shoes do I prefer?
A. Flip-flops
B. Sneakers
C. Boots
D. Wedges

I prefer:
A: Shorts
B. Pants or jeans...which both are pants.
C. Skirts
D. Dresses
E: Skorts (skirt and shorts)

My favorite dessert is:
A. Ice Cream
B. Chocolate
C. Chocolate Ice Cream

When I read a book, do I....
A. Act out the expressions that the characters do
B. Frown
C. Look excited
D. A and B
E. All of the above

My Favorite thing to do when I have free time is:
A. Roam the woods
B. Write
C. Pick up my room

I love to swim. Which would I prefer when I have five minutes left to swim?
A. Swim laps
B. just swim around and be surprised when five minutes are up

My favorite hobby is:
A. Scrap-booking
B. Cooking
C. Posing for pictures
D. Playing Dress-up

I absoloutely love:
A. Taking pictures
B. Staring in space
C. Playing the iPod

If I would like to meet a famous star one day, who do you think it would be?
A. Justin Beiber
B. Hugh Laurie
C. Anne Hathaway
D. Hugh Jackman

I would like to someday:
A. Scooter the Great Wall of China
B. Be a decorator
C. Be an artist

Hope you enjoy doing it! :)


  1. When I was reading this, I apparently found out I must not know you veery well so you must give me some slack as to what I answer to. haha

    1. - A. flip flops
    2. - A. shorts
    3. - C. Chocolate ice cream
    4. - E. All of the above
    5. - A. Roam the woods
    6. - B. just swim around and be surprised when five minutes are up
    7. - B. Cooking ( was torn between A. and B. )
    8. - C. playing the iPod
    9. - C. Anne Hathaway ( I only knew two of those and I know you don't wanna meet Justin Lol)
    10. - A. Scooter the Great Wall of China ( Lol, i have no clue )

    Don't be mad if I got every single one wrong. :( I love following and being followed by you on instagram!! Lol...

  2. A.
    Alright I guess thats it. emma

  3. Y'all are doing well, surprisingly, since I don't see y'all all that often! The results will come on Saturday, okay y'all? I'll also have Sam's and someone else's. that someone else can't comment on my blog, so she just emailed me. :)
    The Sassy Sister Molly


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