Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day!
You know, the first time I heard someone say "May The Fourth Be With You," I thought that they were lisping "May the force be with you."
Try not to get shot by anybody with laser guns, and try not to get slashed with someone's lightsaber.
I drew this myself on the computer. I drew lava underneath for effect, although I don't really remember any parts with people fighting over lava.

Jet'aime, and Happy Star Wars Day!!
You friend and geek,

(Do you know, I can almost hear Rachel R. rolling her eyes and see her say "You're an idgit." Don't worry, it's the play type of 'idgit.' If there even is a version of that.)
What?? What's with the weird look??

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  1. Aww...too funny!...funny picture of Sam and made me laugh...


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