Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My big brother is home from ALASKA!!

Yay! My oldest brother went to Alaska, and now he's HOME!! Of course, I don't think it's for good... that'll be a while.. which is so saddening! He went to Afghanistan, so for a while we HARDLY EVER got to talk to him. But now that he's back in Alaska (not meaning that he's not here.. because he's really HOME!!!), we got to talk to him more often. But now my OTHER brother has gone to Alaska with his wife and kid, Tim (my oldest brother.. From ALASKA!) got to see his nephew for the FIRST TIME! Aww, I just wish I was there to see Tim's face when he saw his nephew!
Oh, so, yeah, I just said my other brother was in Alaska, right? Well, there is absolutely no need for a freezer! Good for them, right? Or wait a minute... my sister-in-law hates snow. She loves macaroni and cheese, so when she and David (my OTHER brother... ;(..) bought ice cream and mac 'n' cheese, the ravens ate it! Not the ice cream, though. Michelle (My sister-in-law) wasn't too happy. She and David had to let their ice cream DE-frost when they brought it into their house! (they borrowed someone's truck, because they didn't have their car yet. And yeah, just so you know, they put their stuff into the trunk, the bed... so that explains the 'all natural refrigeration!')
Well, everyone have a Merry Christmas! Sorry for not posting... we were a little busy, but I'll try to post as much as possible! (without posting TOO much, though! for some reason, I keep typing 'thought' instead of 'though'...)

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