Monday, December 13, 2010

Movies Galore!

There are movies galore I would REALLY like to see. First (first on the list, by the way), is 'Tangled'. REALLY really want to see. The girls (meaning Christie and my sister Rachel) are going to see it, but the younger kids aren't, which means even though it's not on instant stream, we're getting it from Netflix as soon as it comes. Then there's 'Despicable Me'. Is it really a funny, great movie? Unknown to me, as I only watch trailers. But who cares? 'Tangled' should bed IS as funny as it seems, so as we should put it. Who wants to watch the trailer? (There are probably hundreds of movies I would LOVE to watch, but it would probably bore you out. ;)
 Go to  or, either or, type in 'Tangled trailer' and it should come up with a list of it. Try to get the official trailer. Sorry, I know you probably know how to do it. This is just in case. (I couldn't post it on here..... I'll have to learn, sorry)

Well, that's the 'Tangled' trailer! Enjoy! (if you haven't seen it, or have, you'll enjoy anyways.... I hope)

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