Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just remembering...... and a couple of other things...

Okay, I know  I've already posted today, but is there such thing as too many posts in a day? i don't know, so I say no.
Just remembering things today.... as one normally does. But I mean things from this summer. Or, I should think, funny siblings.
Like say, for instance, who goes around kissing their strawberries and saying, "I love you. You're mine." No-one but my funny sister, Emmy Rose.
And my little brother, who WAS eight then, but now is NINE years OLD, ;) stands on watermelons..... don't ask. My sisters, Rachel and Christie (which I call 'the girls'), finally noticed him.
The girls: Sam, get off the watermelon!
Sam: Aw, man. I like to do that.
Yeah, Sam is pretty cool kid. On his first try last summer, he got up on the water-skis and stayed up for about fifteen minutes.... on his FIRST try!
My older brother, Joe, was just reading over my shoulder.
Joe: Why don't you say something about ME? Like, I'm a pretty cool kid.
Me: You're not a kid, you're a grownup.
Joe: Oh, just post something about me and I'll read it later.
Okay, I'm going to say something about him just to make him happy.
Joe is a knucklehead.
I said something about him, okay?! Alright, fine. He's not going to be satisfied with JUST that.
I'll admit, he's an awesome brother. Sure, like most older brothers can, he can do 360s better and more than I can. But who owns a motorcycle and takes you on rides? He does. He's awesome. Awesome, black, fast motorcycle with a matching helmet. Although he uses my other brother's helmet...... it's awesome looking on him too.
Rachel...... do I love her only because she's making stromboli for dinner tonight? Well...................... no of course not! What makes you say that? No, I love her anyways! Haha, I don't know what you're talking about. Me only liking her because I get my favorite dinner tonight? No, why, I wouldn't dream of it! Though she is pretty cool anyways.... ;)
All my family is awesome. We take after our parents.

I am also remembering I have to finish  a Christmas present, so I should go...... Merry Christmas, one and all!
Oh, yeah..... it's NINE more days till CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! ;) :) ;D ;P

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