Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas, school, etc.

Ooh, who's almost done with their Christmas shopping? I know I am! We have this candle that has all the days of December up to the 24th, and it's burning slowly but surely once a day! (Sometimes twice, if we forget to light it. ;) Knitting is something that will keep me busy like CRAZY, because I'm so eager to finish it. A homemade, knitted-by-yourself scarf is a good gift. I know, because Christie made almost all the boys scarves for Christmas, and they loved it, and are probably wearing them most all the time when they're outside.

School is going good, and I know some of us are looking forward to tomorrow. Not just because we have no school, but tomorrow night my mom and dad comes home! They went with some friends of theirs, and did you know, they got signed up for a zip-line going 70 miles per hour through a jungle tour! All but one friend did it. Guess who signed them up. My mom! My loving, kind, adventurous mother, loving the beach, as she was born there. And of COURSE we took after our mother!

If anyone knows a good deal about horses, will you tell me all about them? I'm making a book all about horses for my sibling, who is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY over horses, even though I'm sure she's scared to death of them, unless they are pictures and books to look at. I have 9 1/2 pages done, but I'd seriously like it if I had even more done. Maybe you could give me picture ideas, as I could definitely put a few more illustrations in there. Or even tell me what I could have missed, and I can tell you what I have, if you want me to. I'm probably boring you out with all that I'm saying at the moment ;)

If there is one thing I'm sad about, that is I can't really put anything Christmas-y on here, like trees in the background, just red and the wording, green. Oh, well. Such is life.

Do you like Disney princesses? I have THE MOST perfect silly picture of them! As I said, I have the most SILLY picture of them, and they're all making faces. One of them is giving Alice (from 'Alice in Wonderland) a noogie. It's very funny, but I thought I'd ask, in case you didn't want me to. Hee hee. ;)

Have a good day today, and as I always say...... "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!" 14 more days until Christmas!!!!!!!!! :D


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  2. Thanks, Sarah! I don't have horses, so I don't know a ton, so thanks a lot! ;)

  3. (Sorry about all the 'so's'!

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