Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!!!

I am SO happy it is Christmas Eve. I am so excited, that as I am typing this right now, I really, really want to scream for joy. I just absolutely CANNOT wait for tomorrow, for, as we ALL know! to open gifts! (oh, don't forget that stockings come first!!) I can't wait to see what everyone says about their presents, but I am also too excited over EVERYTHING about Christmas.
I do have a confession to make, though. On Christmas eve, when we're (my brother, my sister and I a.k.a. us three, we're) in bed after the Christmas story, we can absolutely will not sleep, try as hard as we may, but we can't really fall asleep until the girls come in and say, "GO TO SLEEP! You're not allowed to be up!!" at around 11:00, and when we get up, it's a 6:something, and we can't wake up anyone until 7:00! Although, we do wake them up five minutes before, because they take a little while in the restroom. I REALLY want to scream right NOW.

 Have you ever heard of 'Fruit Ninja?' It's game (I've only seen it on the iPhone so far...) upon which you slice fruit. It comes in the air, and you have to slice each one that comes up and if you miss one, you're dead. You have three tries, and if you hit a bomb, you're REALLY dead. It's fun, and probably would be easier to explain if I had a video of it (hint, hint).

So, just wondering, how much do y'all like stories? I'm really thinking of maybe posting stories on here, and y'all can help me with it, edit it, help me with words, and maybe come up with a few parts. That would be great, if y'all like them and want to do that!
Well, Merry Christmas Eve!!!!! (Oh, has anyone heard of 'Straight No Chaser?' If you want, I can post 'The Christmas Can-Can.' It's REALLY funny.... speaking of funny, how did y'all like the very creative silly Disney princesses? It's awful, I know. Hee hee!)

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