Thursday, December 16, 2010


Okay..... So, I'm thinking of maybe doing some contests..... but I have some problems. I have no idea of WHAT type of contest it should be! Good grief, and I can't give a giveaway, sorry to say, but you can award yourself some way if you can. Does anyone want to do a contest? And, if so, would you please give me some ideas? That would be GREAT. And if I can, I could try and get SOMETHING, if I can, to you. I know you usually don't go around asking for ideas, but I could seriously use some ideas.

Quizzes. If no-one likes contests, I could easily make up some quiz.... I don't really know... I just absolutely  LOVE to give contests and quizzes, but it really depends on whether you like them. Could you PLEASE tell me what you like, if you want one, or.......

I could give recipes! I'm thinking that instead of the original, "This is happening... this is really boring, right?" I could find recipes, any type you like and post them! Of course, I would post something besides recipes every once and a while, like something that happened and is funny, I guess. Well, it's your choice!

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