Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Houses!!

We're making gingerbread houses! One is a lovely church, being made by my gourmet chef sister and my younger and the youngest brother. Christie and I are making the cutest gingerbread house EVER. I'll put pictures up when we finish, and Christie will, too. For the path, we put two little peppermint drops with crushed up peppermint all around. For pillars, (most everything is peppermint ;) we put two peppermint sticks, and for a around the latticed windows, we put candy canes. The icing is almost pure sugar, so I'm trying not to sneak a little every now and then. ;) Around the house, and for an arbor, we put colorful little candy canes, and the chimney is a ice cream cone cup. The church, which is absolutely GORGEOUS, is white, with a crushed candy all around. We ate making these by ourselves. They are NOT store-bought. As I said, I'll put up pictures, because the church is kinda hard to describe, it's so beautiful. I'm afraid I'll miss something. They're SUPER fun. (Thanks Maggie, for giving tips on how to post!)


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  2. It was fun! And my sister's church is gorgeous!

  3. Molly... where be the pictures??? :)

  4. I need Mama's camera..... I think.


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