Friday, August 2, 2013

Fan Fiction Contest 2013 via Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Hullo, dearests!

The time has come again for Anne Elisabeth Stengl's annual Fan Fiction Contest! This time, it's the fans/Imps that vote, not the judges. There are so many wonderful stories and poems, I had a hard time choosing.
     Please go read them and vote! You have the entire month of August to vote, so no rush and no worries, my dears! In fact, I sat down with a pot of tea (all for myself, mwuahahaha) and literally took all day to read everything. I half took my time, half because there are that many stories. It took my dear friend Clara two hours!

These hours of truly brilliant reading are accompanied with stories by some great people, such as my best friends Clara and Chloe; people I've never actually met but know on blog like Meredith and Hannah. Oh gorgeousness. No, of course I didn't put links on their names, you have to find their stories for yourself.
     Now, away to Anne Elisabeth's with a pot of tea or coffee, prepare for some laughs, grins, and perhaps a smidgeon of sadness...


 The Fan Fiction Contest of 2013!

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That is a link. 
So click on it. 

P.S. Hannah, I did see your comment about my costume. I tried finding one of my older pictures from when I went to see The Hobbit but I'll have to pose for some other pictures. But okay I'll post one...for you...if you insist... ;) 


  1. Hey Molly! I read all the stories, too, and they were all sooo good! Anne Elisabeth must be glad she doesn't have to choose between them all! :)


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