Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthday at the Beach

What! Today is my birthday! How about that.

We're going to be in Florida for almost a month, because we're doing all sorts of stuff; we're going to see my uncle, my dad's going to teach, Dan's graduation is this month, and my mom gets some sort of thing done at the doctor's (no a regular every day doctor, not the Doctor though I wish) and it's in three different parts of Florida we're going to; our normal Pensacola, Ormond Beach, and Tampa, then back to Pensacola.
     We left home on August third in the evening. Because we weren't going to be here for my birthday and it also happened to be a friend's birthday, a family invited me, Sam, and Emily to the park to play at the playground and the water park with their kids. So it's nine in the morning, and we play until eleven or so, then we leave to get my friend Chloe to a few shops, then head home.
     I'm greeted in the garage by my adorable niece Caroline when we get back, and my mom too. I start to pick up Caroline with a 'hey cutie watcha up to?' and as I'm picking her up, I see the table through the open door.
     It's set with a white tablecloth with blue stars on it, and blue culinary as well as some party decorations. Confused, I look up, and our kitchen is filled with people and everyone yells out "SURPRISE!!" and they start singing happy birthday.
     I'm just bewildered. They threw me a shock (instead of surprise) early birthday party, inviting my best friends and my family.

We had so much fun, y'all. A memory that day made. Two awesome people got me HIGH-TOP CONVERSES. WHAAAAT. Clara got me this lovely book about drawing and I've been using it all day today, drawing some comics about this dragon and a prince and Merlin. Also, on our birthdays, we do almost anything we want and don't work, so I had lots of time to draw ha ha ha! I love that book. And my Converses. Oh yeah.

My bro got me this hilarious card that said, 'When I can't do something right, I ask myself, 'What would my sister do?........and how can I get her to do it?'
And both Stephanie and Christie got me cards that didn't open. It got me both times.

I think I've had the most memorable birthday yet.


  1. Happy Birthday, Molly! It sounds like you had a fantastic party! May your years be blessed! Savo 'lass a lalaith! ;)

  2. Oh, Molly, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do an interview over at my blog. If you don't want to do the interview questions, just ignore the tag, but I thought you might enjoy it. If you want to participated, just copy the questions and answer them how you want on your blog!

  3. Happy (Belated) Birthday Molly! Sounded like a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks, Lydie! It WAS a lot of fun. :)


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