Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tagging Trend?

So I've been tagged twice in the past two weeks for these tag-friend/interview thingy...I really am not sure what you call em.
     But this is just to say that yes! I would like to do these! I've been tagged by Hannah, then by Rachel, and I love to answer questions like these, but you see, we're traveling around in Florida...then we're going to Texas...it's been really busy. Meaning, there's no computer for me to use, just my iPod, and I can't answer the questions very well from my iPod because I have to cut and paste and my iPod gets confused when I do it a lot.
     All this is to say that I will do these. In the near future.
     As soon as I get my hands on a computer I can use (Saint Sae help me, I will!) I will answer the tags! Not all at once, just so I have more to look forward to ;)

But thank you for tagging me! I can't wait to tag another person heh heh.

Love to ya all!

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