Monday, August 26, 2013

Took me long enough. I hauled out a camera. I was like, hey, this is actually a pretty good camera. It's way better than the others I have, even if it's not GREAT, it works.
     So I went outside and took a couple pictures. Then Melissa comes to pick Christie up for work and they announce to me I'm babysitting. Ookayyy great headsup you guys.
    Anywho, I grabbed the camera and off I went. Then I visited a friend. So all this makes up for a blog bereft of pictures in the last few months. Enjoy it while you finally get the chance. :p

 So firstly, the usual. Went outside, captured what I wanted.

 None of these pictures, above and below, are edited. Because I am lazy. It takes too long.

 The jars from Erin's bridal shower. These were the drinking glasses with the cutest straws ever!
 Then I went to babysit the punk. "Oh no! Aunt Molly!"
 And no. I did not tell her to make this face. Really. She's just so prissy.

 Prissy and a punk. "Picture. Picture. Me. Picture."

 We ate popsicles because she had shots today, and because we always have a popsicle while babysitting.
 "Sshhh." We went and got seconds. Sneak sneak...

 Then I went to Chloe's house. Someone related to them had a birthday and we got leftover chocolate frogs...delish!! And we played scrabble.

Okay, so I saved my favorite for last. When Caroline and I sneaked away to get more popsicles, I thought, "Hey, more pictures for the blog! I'm going to take a picture of the popsicles." And RIGHT as I snapped the picture, I think Caroline got a little too excited...
I ADORE this doll. 'Nuff said.

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