Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello, Fall ;)

Fall is here! Everyday it gets cooler and cooler! It's so cool in the morning, that Christie and I, when we go for our walk at 7:00 (we get up at 6:15 everyday) we have to wear sweaters! It's gotten so cool, I'm going to have to wear either my scarf or a heavier jacket. Both, preferably. but you do get hot later on, so I won't.
Leaves are starting to turn!!!! I can't wait for it to get cooler! A couple days ago, I saw a very bright red leaf on a pretty tallow tree. The rest of the tree is turning yellow faster and faster!

I'm going to learn how to put pictures on my real soon, so you'll get some pictures yet! It might be a while, so please wait! Since Christie has her Thoughtful Pianist blog at  (in case you don't know it) and has done it, she might teach me. Her blog has  pictures, so you'll get to see some very pretty pictures.

Tis' the season to make cookies! I can't wait for Thanksgiving to come, although I know it has a whole month and almost-a-half month to go. ;( We're going to my aunt's and uncle's house, which is pretty awesome. They have a jacuzzi which will be PERFECT for in the cold, cold weather! My mom says, "You're going to have to remind me several times over just why we are bringing SWIMSUITS there in the middle of a VERY COLD month!" Yeah, I can agree with that.

Well, I am working on writing more frequently, seeing as I write about once every month, it seems like. So you'll hear again from me soon!


  1. OOH!! Hey Molly! I love Fall!
    It's so cool and windy, but the sun shines warm and bright in the deep blue sky! Just wonderful!! We younger kids have a tradition. Every fall we put the tent up! It's so fun and cozy! We take out our sleeping bags and pillows and blankets and more blankets! We'll sleep out there for as long as we're allowed! So far we've been sleeping out for four days! But this time, My brother and I got smart...*grin*. We hauled our matresses out:D!

    ~Mary G.

  2. Us too! Except we sleep on the trampoline with one sleeping bag each and no more.
    FOUR DAYS?? Cool! Today is only our first, but during the week, we'll sleep out more.
    Lol, I could never bring out my mattress out, even I was allowed to.


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