Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Beginning of a Perfect Saturday

Good morning, sunshine! The world says hello!
Today is gonna be good. Last night, Sam, Christie, Emmy, and I went out to sleep on our trampoline last night. We each had a sleeping bag. Poor Emmy was scared. She always normally goes inside, but last night, she survived! It was cold when we woke up, but there wasn't very many mosquitoes out. When we woke up, it took us forever to try and get Christie out of her sleeping bag and off the trampoline to go make french toast with bacon. It was good. It's the beginning of a very promising day. It's delightfully cool, but if you stay in the sun too long, you will eventually get hot. So there at the point of coolness, I say, "Hello, Fall!"
Hope everyone has a good day, and I won't be posting anymore today! I'm spending it all outside!


  1. Ahhh, much braver than in a tent!
    We tried that once...except we slept under the trampoline, with a gaint tarp over the top. It wasn't pleasant at all.

    Have a wonderful day, Molly!


  2. Yes, indeed! Ya'll are much braver than I!! I am in the tent... but, still on a mattress!!! Boy was it cold last night!!


  3. A mattress for me would have been MUCH comfier, but Christie like to be camping-camping, if you know what I mean ;)
    Today it was cold all day!!


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