Saturday, October 9, 2010


Since we had all the time in the world, Sam and I built a 'festival' in our back yard. We have a merry go round, which has a game on it called '1, 2,3' that we're still perfecting. We stuck leaves under some baseball markers and made sure they were the same. One leaf under marker number, two under number two, etc. Then sticking something heavy on top of each marker, we spin the merry-go-round until the person can't remember which is which. Then for each he gets right, he get a wagon ride. We made a 'hit the clown' out of cardboard. I would have very much liked to have used Sam, but since we use a hard ball, I decided not to. (just joking. I'm sure Sam would have run away, because I haven't told him ;) Then there were al sorts of different things, but we didn't have very much.
Last night Sam watched as much as he could of 'The Great Escape' with me and Emmy, and now he's created his own band of music with a pipe and a handmade drum. We have tons of American flags, so he took one of those. He made a bandage out of a bandanna, and he added a wrist cast for the American flag holder. He is a very good 'trumpeter,' so he added his trumpeting in.
Well, I should stop typing and go do something else, though I could type a million words in, I'd rather go play. Everyone have a great Saturday! (If you like jokes, my family makes PUH-LEN-TY of them. Just tell me, and I'll take all day to type in the jokes!)

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