Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh, brother.... or should I say, "Oh, BROTHERS!!"

Last week when we were in Florida, we decided to go out to eat. We went by boat, and I decided to go with my brothers and sister. We went, and since it was Labor Day, there was a ton of traffic. And since there was a ton of traffic, that meant there was waves. and if there were waves, then I need to cling on to my seat. Dan loves to go over the waves. If you don't hold on, the next thing you know, you're sitting in the water, waiting to be saved. Warning: Don't go boating with my brothers. I needed to tell you so you'll be on the look out. Got to go!


  1. Ohhhhh....I can just imagine it all!!! And I can see you floating in that water with stark shock and amazement on your face! Too funny, girl!

  2. Yeah, with a taste of salt in my mouth...


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