Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Orleans

After Sunday school today, we went to the French Quarter! My aunt from California had until a certain time and wanted to be with us. So we walked. I could swear that almost ALL the people there were wearing Saints t-shirts!! Glad I was wearing mine, though. We rode the trolley twice, both LONG, enjoyable rides. MUST remember: I HAVE to bring a camera next time. I never knew there were so many amazing sights. I know I don't have much to say., but REALLY felt like writing. Give me something to talk about, and I could blabber all day! I could tell you ALL about New Orleans, of what I've seen. But it might take to long, unless you didn't care, and I'd probably include EVERY little detail and bore you out. But we do read books so much, that we have to go to New Orleans again, seeing as we have so many books we have to give back and have finished. TTYL, and write tomorrow!

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