Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Official!

You'll never guess!! My oldest sister, Melissa (also the oldest of the family.) is pregnant! Another nephew or my first niece!! Yay!!  I'm so excited! Of course, we don't know whether it's a boy or girl, but a lot of us are betting it's a girl. I can't wait!

                                                  We also got a new truck! Her name is Beauty, because our friend who owns a truck called his 'The Beast', so of course, we thought of Beauty and the Beast. Doesn't get any better!

                                          Sadly, I didn't take either of these. But aren't they beautiful? That's the kind of pro photography skill I hope I'll have when I get a camera, or one to fool around with.
                                            This one was taken by my oldest brother. I think it was in Hawaii. But he DID take it himself.
Just too pretty. I couldn't resist.

I hope everybody's doing well, and I hope that sometime I'll have a giveaway. I kind of would, but who want A tiny little heart shaped basket? So tiny, it could fit a jar of potpourri in it... and cute for a decoration. Actually, it could be a prize... for a contest maybe. Who would want it? Just holler 'I.'  

Well, have good week!

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