Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I absoutely

hate not being able to go rock-climbing with everyone, or at least going on their adventure (details below:)
love picking to stay home and have the best steak and cooper salad with potatoes and garlic bread (fingers greasy.. beware!)
wish summer would be here already.
love her piano teacher and lessons.
wish I had a camera and gmail.
wish my blog would be better. (hints, anyone?)

I'm really considering in turning my blog into what I'm doing and putting my stories up. If I do that, anyone could help me fix parts, edit things, and get their name into a might-definitely-be-published-book. Vote, please! I'm working on some stories, so you can have your pick. Please answer questions below! It would really help!

1. Stories, or no stories posted on my blog?

2. If I posted stories, would you like to help, or just read?

3. If you wanted to help, would you like your name in the book? (only your first name and last initial, please)

4. If you would like to help, I'm working on two stories. One is named 'The D-team' and the other is named 'How Paige Joined the Fairy Realm.' Your choice. Please tell me in the comment box below! Thank a lot. ;)

Ok, the adventure I told you about (above) is coming up. I only know part of it, so you can get details later on.
Joe, Sam, and the girls (Rachel and Christie) were going rock-climbing. The girls and Joe usually went, but Sam was just going so he could hang out with a friend he'd met recently. Well, about half an hour before we ate dinner, my dad left. With my brother Dan, and they left kind of hurriedly. What was going on? Joe was somewhere, and was backing up, and thinking that he could back up more.... went into the ditch and had to be towed out. Aw MAN! I would have loved to have been on an adventure like that! It's nothing compared to being caught by a park ranger... ahem, doing (heh-heh) something we were really supposed to be doing. If you want, I can put that in my next post, so just tell me, okay?
Well, anyways, hope everyone had a great day, and a great dinner, and everyone have a blessed day tomorrow!

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