Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I know it's a little late in saying, but Happy New Year, everyone! New Year's Eve, some friends of ours invited us to their house. When we got there, Ms. Jeanne (our hostess, my mom's best friend), had a 1000 puzzle piece out.... and she said it would be grand if we would help her. So you know, we agreed, but we only did a few pieces every now and then.
It's time to go, and it's about, eight or nine thirty. I don't I wasn't looking at the time, but anyways, everyone but my big brother, Joe (who had gotten up at five to go fishing...) and I stay where we are, to help with the puzzle, after saying we'd be back home soon. Ms. Jeanne couldn't go to sleep because she says she can't go to sleep leaving something half finished... so it had to be completely put together before we left.
much later...
Yay us! We finished the puzzle and now it's 12:30 and time to go home! Yeah, really. We had four people at that puzzle, starting at the time everyone left. Joe told my mom twice we'd be home "soon," which was about three hours later. 

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