Thursday, January 13, 2011

Augh! Summer, come back!

I'm going to die if summer won't come sooner. Come back, summer! Oh, the agony as I look back at pictures... of US in the SUMMER sitting in the SUN having such a FUN time! That is Sam (above), reading, sitting in the sun, and enjoying a mocha after swimming... yes, it is such a hard life for him. Poor Sam... (the sun is hard to see, because of an umbrella BLOCKING the sun. Aah!)
I'm dreaming of out boat going fast on the water, with two innocent kids sitting on our two-man viper (we used to have three-man, but we decided we would like the two-man), clinging on for their lives, screaming their heads off, as they come perilously (did I spell that right? wait a minute, nobody does school in summer! :) close to falling off. After that, everybody scurries to the showers, fighting to see who gets them first, as there are only two showers there (we ALWAYS go to Blue Angel. Big Lagoon is just okay compared to Blue Angel!).
Well, I just hope that all the while we aren't at Blue Angel (Florida, don't forget!), it'll be miserable doing school here, so we'll enjoy that vacation to Florida.
Have a good time (I mean in summer. And now, but mostly summer. ;) today!

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