Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long Forgotten Pictures and an Excerpt...

Ah, so, I was browsing through pictures to look for something in particular, and I stumbled against some pictures I took a while back, when I actually *gasp* would pull out a camera and upload my pictures to the computer! I wanted to share my unedited pictures with you today; my blog has been bereft of some photos.

 Blackberry flowers. :)
 Mochas I made last year, or some summer ago...


And that's it for now....plus, guess what. I'm going to share an excerpt of my latest story. Did I just say that? Whaaaaat! Yes, folks, it's up for critiques! This one is one that I know I'm going to finish someday, and you're gonna get yourself a look-see!
  It's from 'Plainly Beastie', a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I've cut out a slightly large bit in the beginning so as to not give away a whole chapter, but other than the beginning, the rest is original. Here goes...


Bella joined Abaddon the next morning for breakfast.
     “Do you have a library?” she asked.
     “Yes,” Abaddon said, finishing the remains of his breakfast. “You can look for it yourself.”
He left the room; shortly afterwards, so did Bella.
     Now, if it were up to me, where would I put a library? Bella pondered.
She decided to venture the opposite side of the castle. Some hallways, a few stairs, and lots of chambers later, Bella burst into an enormous library; about three stories tall. She gasped and almost collapsed. How many adventure books did it hold?
Grinning to herself, Bella selected a few books that looked interesting and decided to read them in the comfort of her room. Hopefully, Jill would have a roaring fire on for her.
     Bella walked out of the library and instantly realized that she was lost. It was a much bigger castle than she realized.
     Where to? Bella wondered.
She took a few hesitant steps, then finally walked to the right. She didn’t have a very good sense of direction, so she wasn’t even sure if she was going the right way. As she walked past a hallway, a glint of steel caught her eye.
She walked backwards until she stood in front of the hallway again, then went towards the steel.
     It was a brass knocker on a beat-up, faded red door. Curious, Bella opened the door. It didn’t creak at all, which was slightly what Bella had expected it to do. She hefted her books onto her left arm and pushed aside some see-through curtains. All sorts of junk and antiques were scattered on old tables and chairs, and some small dressers, too.
     Bella forgot about everything as she walked through the odd room. She stopped short when she saw a balcony, wondering why the rain wasn’t coming through it. Then she realized it was some glass doors protecting the room from cold rain and wind. She took some steps forward, and saw a leather-bound notebook on a glass table. She also noticed some swords and guns, and was about to examine them when she accidentally banged into a chair. It scooted across the floor with a noisy screee, startling Bella.
     “What are you doing here?” Abaddon suddenly appeared, his face looking more terrifying from the dim light streaming through the rain.
Bella screamed and fell down, her books scattering all over the floor.
     “I told you that the West Wing was forbidden!” Abaddon growled, advancing on Bella.
As if it would help, Bella tried to shield herself with her arm as she scooted backwards.
     “I-I’m sorry!” Bella cried. “I didn’t know that this was the West Wing! I got lost an-and I was just exploring, and I didn’t know! I didn’t!”
     “GET OUT OF HERE NOW,” Abaddon yelled. Bella had never in all her nightmares imagined just how petrifying one man’s look could be, but Abaddon’s sent her adrenaline racing sky-high as she stumbled out of the room. “GET  OUT!”
She ran all the way to her room and grabbed her cloak and satchel. She stumbled outside of the castle’s gates, running until she felt like collapsing, and even then she pushed on, the angry face of Abaddon filling her vision.
Bella shrieked as she heard the bloodcurdling howl of a wolf. She tripped over a root and landed face-first into the snow, the wolves gaining on her. Bella was dazed when she sat up, her vision bleary. She hardly saw a wolf ready to spring on her. Its claws swiped at her, making a large, red line appear on Bella’s arm. She cried out in pain.
     THUMP shhinng.
The wolf lay dead. Its pack, angry, turned to the attacker and started pouncing on him. Bella vaguely saw Abaddon fighting them off before she collapsed into an unconscious heap, traumatized.


    Say anything you want about it, I 1) definitely don't get offended easily and 2) need any comments/critiques on it that I can get my hands on.

Sooooooo what do you think?


  1. Oooo, very exciting, Molly! It's interesting that Abbadon is a man instead of a beast. And I like the fact that she went to the West Wing accidentally.
    If I could offer my advice, I would suggest something other then the West Wing being forbidden so that you could draw away from the movie a bit more. I'm not sure what other place, but I bet you could come up with something! And while a wolf attack is always exciting, it might be cool to come up with some other sort of monster. I was never convinced that the wolves could have really hurt the beast in the Disney film. Of course if Abaddon is aman, that changes things. If he got really, really hurt, things could be even more dramatic.
    Expounding on the scene with her running away might be cool.
    Very well done, Molly. I want to read the rest!

  2. Those pictures were awsome! I love taking pictures!

    Wow that was really good! I love the part were Bella is being chased by the wolves and Abaddon comes to her rescue!
    What happens next, or do we have to wait till you finish the whole book??:)


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