Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Frantic 'finish the dishes before we leave for church!' yelling across the house
Having service under a very large tent outside

Having people over for a scrumptious Easter lunch

Getting frustrated because nobody can find their Easter baskets (then they do after a hint and a 'you're so lazy gracious you're only looking for a basket why are you lazing around not looking for it?')

Watching Doctor Who 

Reading 'Heartless' while curled up in bed eating candy (yum)

Having fun fooling around with two new photo-editing apps Ian showed us 

Texting besties

Reading people's blogs

= a great way to spend Easter

I'm also
Writing/editing my latest story (YIKES can you believe it I'm actually making progress on this! I might just finish it for real, however long it takes)

I'm reading 'Heartless' for not just one reason, too. I said I was going to review it, and I am! I really wanted to read it, too, plus I'm searching the book carefully for something to create a fan fiction out of because Miss Anne Elisabeth will be hosting a fan fiction contest soon, and I take a while to figure out things, so I figured that I would go ahead and get a nice head start. 
       (psst if anyone has a character you're not writing about or something from the Tales of Goldstone Wood, and you think it would be fun to write about, hey, I'm up for any suggestions in case I don't find anything. Either that, or I will also re-read Moonblood...)

     I'm trying to drag myself back into writing Jack Mortimer for Emma, but it really is hard to write two different stories at the same time, and I really shouldn't desert either. Meh! I need some motivation.

I also need motivation for working out if I want to do that Spartan Race this coming November! I like to work out, I really do, but I like to work out with music. What are some good workout songs??

Well, I shall now take my leave to go read 'Heartless' (cheers!) curled up like Monster in my bed. (Monster, for those who are not Goldstone Wood Imps, is the seriously hilarious cat in 'Heartless')

Au Revoir, cheerio, Happy Easter!



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  1. Wow, that sounds like a great Easter! I had a good one too!
    Keep working on those stories of yours. It's hard work, but so worth it!
    I like working out to music also. If I'm dancing, I choose pretty, flowing music, but if I'm working out, I choose upbeat Christian songs. Have you heard "Change In The Making" by Addison Road and "This Is For Those Who Wait" by Fireflight? I also like "Never Alone" by BarlowGirl. Plus the songs on the Dreamworks movies "Spirit" and "The Prince of Egypt" are really good too.


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