Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back in Time

Continuing 100 Things that make me Smile :)

21. Listening to Pitbull!! (and this is where Back in Time comes in)

22. Watching Rhett and Link's Job Reference. HAHA

23. Playing Quelf

25. Hurrying things up.

26. Playing football with my older and younger brothers. :)

27. The TARDIS humming

28. Dance Central 4. Yesss I just said it.......

29. Reading blogs

30. Scrapbooking

31. Looking at pictures

32. Ice cream

33. Seeing sister-in-laws. :)

34. Boat rides.

35. Acting (not professionally, though)

36. Seeing my sister audition for a play

37. Snakes

38. Encountering magicians in New Orleans

39. The Saints

40. Walking through New Orleans with friends.

I like New Orleans a lot. We go only a couple times a year, even though we're only 45 minutes away from it. It's a sort of treat to go with friends. :)


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  1. Well, alot of people wouldn't expect snakes to be on that list, but hey! I was walking the other day and saw a little green snake and just couldn't resistfealing it's soft skin! They also look nice when their skin is hanging on a board in a room. :)
    Ice-Cream is also a favorite. Especially home-made goats milk ice-cream, which we might be having soon!)


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