Sunday, April 28, 2013

100 things that make me smile

I got this idea from another blogger, Padme, and I really like it. I'll break it up into bits, though, twenty at a time....
Here goes, 100 things that make me smile.

1. Seeing Doctor Who tshirts at the mall.

2. Wearing Converses.

3. Running.

4. Tim Hawkins.

5. Seeing Tom Burgeron on Dancing with the Stars.

6. Seeing friends. A couple spring to mind instantly (Clara, Grace, Chloe. Lilly&Emma. Miss you!!)

7. Swimming in big waves, really big waves.

8. Dogs.

9. Watching Doctor Who and Warehouse 13.

10. Seeing a favorite actor/actress in a picture or movie.

11. Writing.

12. Listening to awesome soundtrack.

13. Watching the Catching Fire trailer. GASP.

14. Walking in the woods.

15. Seeing my cutest ever niece and nephews.

16. Drawing.

17. Things like Rhett and Link's videos.

18. Tales of Goldstone Wood.

19. Entering my World of Imagination.

20. Drifting into sleep on the greenest grass with fern stuck here and there next to a running brook with a book in one hand and a notebook&pencil in the other in a place only I know about and nobody else does that can only be found by walking across a log over a big ditch.
     No, I've never experienced this, but it's my dream-to-come-true.

Thank you for reading, dearest. That last bit was quite fantastic, and I'm glad you bothered to read it. ;)


  1. What a wonderful list to write! I look forward to seeing the rest!

  2. I especially liked #'s 6,8,14,16,19 and 20!Especially 20, it's those sort of paragraphs that shows the writer in you!

  3. "Seeing Tom Burgeron on Dancing with the stars", BWHAHHAHAHHAAHAHAHA

    Mine would be "Seeing Aly Raisman on Dancing with the Stars".

    Emma of Tin Lane


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