Friday, February 11, 2011

Warning: Monopoly and a laughing brother is bad news.

So,  for the last few days, Sam, Christie, and I have been playing Monopoly. I love the game. We've finished one game, and you probably know who won. And during almost the entire game, of that one game, Sam. was dying out laughing his head off, almost nonstop. We were kind of being silly, I admit. Okay, we were being silly. And while Christie and I are rolling, Sam sitting there, trying to sit up, but as soon as he does, he goes back down, lying on the bench, laughing. And now, unbelievably, we've started another game. Good grief. On the last game, Christie just creamed us. It wasn't funny! ;) Well, now I don't intend to get creamed again, so I'm watching out for Christie's property. Okay, well, I've got a game of Monopoly to finish.

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