Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dangers of Being Barefoot and Watching too much TV

There are a few things wrong with being barefoot. One is, you can't avoid sugar messes spilled by your kid brother. Another, in summer I can never stop stubbing my toe, yet I can't wear shoes. What are shoes? Huh, never heard of them. ;)

So, do you like dreaming? Me too. Even if it's about my favorite TV show. I had a very strange dream last night. I love this TV show called 'The A-team' and I mean, I just love it. It's about this group, four people who used to be in the military, and they go around helping anyone with a problem. One guy, 'Hannibal,' plans and is very good with disguises. Another, 'B.A. Baracus,' always drives their car. 'Face' get everything they need, without fail. 'Murdock' drives planes and helicopters. 
So, I dreamed they were being chased by these badguys. Somehow, they found my home and just hid in it. My family was out, and they had left me for some reason. I recognized the A-team in my dream, and so very eagerly offered to help them. Wow, what a dream. I dreamed they gave me a pistol and told me to guard my bedroom window... but for some strange reason I went to my mom's and dad's closet for a minute. Then the badguys got in, and saw someone go into a closet and they followed. Or one guy did. And then he was starting to corner me, but I whacked him in the stomach and ran for dear life. Then Hannibal let me help plan some traps... and then the A-team dealt with them and let me join the team, and that's the end....... dreams are weird, but I really wish that would happen.

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