Monday, February 28, 2011

New Blog!(ger)

Guess who now has a blog! My younger brother Sam the Bugman! His blog is and it's called 'The Bug Blog.' If you would drop by and comment or something, I'm sure he would be overjoyed! I know you'll enjoy it a lot, being The Bug. Thanks a lot! ;)

We're going to the Smokeys, you know, so I'll be posting about the going later. Sam, for now, will tell you all about it. (There will be pictures next time I post! Not of the Smokeys, sadly, but of SPRING!!!;)


  1. Just think, Molly! I'll begin packing the truck for the Smokies tomorrow! You will love the Smokies...Cade's Cove, and going over into NC and seeing the Indians. And they also have underground caverns there that have stalactites and stalagmites! See, school does pay off...

  2. Hee hee, quite so. I can't wait, Mama-O!

    Message to others: I'm sorry to say, but only invited people can go onto Bugly's blog, and I don't have anyone else's emails...sorry.

  3. Hey! I'd love to read Sam's Blog!!! Shoot me an email (IF it's ok... !) at :) (you can delete this comment after you write down my email... so no one else can see it, please. :D )



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