Friday, February 25, 2011

Cleaning Room Day...

Today we (my mom, my sister, me, and my other sister.) cleaned my room (I share it with Emmy)...! Well, as my mom would say, "we de-junked the girlie's room today." Okay, I admit, it was mostly junk we cleaned out. Toys from when Christie was young(er), and um... yes, sadly, I am a pack-rat, so therefore it was also stuff I collect and forget about. Two full black gallon bags, and about three or four garbage bags went to the trash. No kidding. And it's stuff I probably will never miss, either. I'm not stressing. There's only one thing we got rid of that I use lots, and that my mom thought looked really junky in the corner. My trash can. Yes, it's black, and doesn't match, but I do so many crafts, and make cards, that I kinda need it. Yes again, I'm weird. I would like my trash can back.
Huh, well, isn't that exciting? Yeah, I know, right? Cleaning my room! Oh... joy! Or, de-junking it. Hmph, well, it's not going to happen again, I can say that, because I'm afraid of another clean-up day. Have a good Saturday! (hope you don't have to spend it doing a clean-up day!)

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  1. Um, so, since you had all that practice now and are finished, wanna come "dejunk" my place for me now? :P


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